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The 7 Best Chemical Waterproofing Methods

Posted by Admin on June, 30, 2021

Why chemical waterproofing is important?

No building is resistant to water damage. Over time, even the roughest, most innovative concrete structures will suffer erosion due to the elements. This can extremely lessen the value of your property – not only its visual appeal – but also its physical integrity.

Chemical Water Proofing Solutions helps you stave off these effects, reserve your industrial structures and keep business on track. The best waterproofing for your building will be relying on both the work you’re doing and the structure of your building.

Below are some of the best waterproofing methods

Master Seal

Master Seal familiarized by BASF South Asia is a range of spray applied polyurea membrane, which is a two-in-one solution that certifies a high level of defence and waterproofing for industrial, commercial and residential buildings. It can be sprayed on large industrial shells of new or modernized buildings (also can be used for repair and restoration projects), to rapidly and efficiently provide a rough, long-lasting waterproofing membrane.


In any construction, Joints always need additional care. Construction joints must let horizontal movement right-angled to the joint surface that is usually caused by thermal and shrinkage movement. These joints are at the uppermost risk of water seepage and if not preserved correctly during the construction phase can lead to expensive rounds of repairs, particularly once the construction is ready and it is next to difficult to separate the leakage point.

Newcoat and Newcoat Cool

Terrace waterproofing has been seen as the rising concern area for consumers and hence our new advanced products have now been precisely developed to deal with terrace leakage issues. To solve these issues, Waterproofing Solutions Manufacturer supplying waterproofing solution that can be used for protective topcoats like Newcoat, Newcoat Cool and Newcoat Ezee. There are numerous benefits of these new products.

Bridge Deck waterproofing

Bridges are one of the main lifelines in joining civilizations. They need to be protected from one of their major silent enemies- These solutions prevent the ingress of water into the Bridge concrete, thus stopping harmful ingredients from damaging the concrete. This system has been done effectively on several bridges in India.


Physical waterproofing systems can be made of membranes or slurry-applied membranes. Whilst having many benefits, preformed membranes have essential limitations such as overlapping joints and the trouble of application across the change in geometry of the structure. Applications for these types of membranes are multifold, in basements, wet areas, swimming pools, tanks, dead walls, terraces, terrace-gardens, mechanical elements and so on.

Peter Seal

Peterseal is an innovative product based on responsive polymers with cross-linking nano atoms that penetrate deep into the surface responding with salts and free lime forming nano sized crystals inside the construction. It also creates a microporous osmotic film on the substrate which decreases the rising dampness and delivers a solid base for further painting application.


For below-ground constructions where the outside face of the structural concrete is inaccessible, the waterproofing must be useful before pour the concrete. Proofex Engage joins a unique cell mesh that mechanically bonds to newly placed concrete giving an obstinate waterproof seal, preventing water migration even if ground settlement occurs.

Qualities of the Waterproofing Solutions Supplier

-Supplying the tested materials
-Having a good supply network
-Offering affordable price
-Supplying multiple ranges

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