Granite Tile Adhesives

Granite Tile Adhesives

Because of the closed grained nature of granites, ordinary adhesives are not enough for permanent fixing of granite to the cementitious surfaces. The deficiencies in the ordinary adhesives are seen from the weeping granite joints which stain the granite and make them look ugly and eventually the granites start coming off. Perma Granite Tile Adhesive (GTA) is a specially developed product keeping in mind the closed grained nature of the granites and the long aesthetic life of the surface. Perma Granite Tile Adhesive is a two component product comprising of pre-weighed & packed liquid and powder components in the proportion of 8Kgs of Powder and 2 Litres of liquid.

Specification : BS5980:1980, Draft CEN: prEN12004 -1997

Primary Uses : Perma Granite Tile Adhesive is mainly used for fixing granite tiles and slabs onto horizontal as well as vertical cementitious surfaces.

Directions For Use : Ensure that the surface to be tiled and the back of the granite are clean and free from dust, dirt, grease etc. Wash the rear surface of the granite with water and allow it to dry. Mix some quantity of liquid component of the GTA with water in the proportion of 1:1 and brush this liquid on the rear surface of the granite. Please note that 10% extra liquid is packed to help in priming. Mix GTA liquid and powder components thoroughly to get a smooth consistency paste. Apply this paste on the surface to be tiled as well as on the rear surface of the granite and press the granite in position. Support the granite for 24 hours on vertical surfaces till the adhesive develops sufficient strength.

Advantages :

  • Easy way of fixing granite tiles
  • No need of creating mechanical key with expensive epoxies.
  • No weeping joints so enhanced aesthetics
  • Makes the tiled area water-proof

Properties :

  • Pot Life of paste : 45minat35oC
  • Form : free flowing powder & thicksotropic liquid
  • Color : grey powder & milky white liquid

Coverage : 10 kgs of Perma Granite Tile Adhesive yields a paste of 5 Liters. If tiles are fixed with a uniform bed thickness of 3mm of adhesive then 10kgs of Perma Granite Tile Adhesive can fix tiles on an area of 18 Sq. ft.

Packing : Perma Granite Tile Adhesive is available in 10kg and bulk packing comprises of 20 Liters liquid and 20 Kg�4 nos. sacks of powder.

Shelf Life : Perma Granite Tile Adhesive has a shelf life of 12 months if stored in manufacturer's original packing in a cool and dry place away from moisture and heat.

Equipment Care : All equipment and tools must be cleaned immediately after use with water or cleaning solvents as the case may be. Similar procedures should be adopted for break periods exceeding 15 minutes.

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