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High Strength Structural Epoxy Coating

High Strength Structural Epoxy Coating

Solvent free two component epoxy system for binding fabric in structural rehabilitation works.


DESCRIPTION : Perma Master Wrap Saturant WS-20 is a two component solvent free epoxy system which is used for saturating and binding the structural fabric to the RCC members in structural strengthening and rehabilitation works. The system is compatible with all strengthening fabrics such as poly propylene, glass fibre, carbon fabric etc. The system is moisture tolerant and develops very high tensile and flexural strength upon curing.


PRIMARY USES : Perma Master Wrap Saturant WS-20 is used successfully in all structural strengthening works involving wrapping with carbon fabric/glass fabric/polypropylene fabric etc.
The system develops sufficiently high strength which is necessary in strengthening structurally weak building elements. Hence very much useful in restoring dilapidated structures.This system can be used in structures which are expected to take loads over and above the designed loads post construction without having to dismantle and rebuild. Wrapping system is also used in structures
to safeguard against earth quakes or for repairing structures post earthquake.



  • Perma Master Wrap Saturant WS-20 has good moisture tolerance and hence of great help in rehabilitation of old structures where moisture contact is unavoidable.

  • Perma Master Wrap Saturant WS-20 develops high flexural, tensile and adhesive roperties necessary in all strengthening and rehabilitation works.

  • Perma Master Wrap Saturant WS-20 does not shrink upon curing and hence there are no shrinkage cracks.

  • Perma Master Wrap Saturant WS-20 has excellent wetting property hence very easy to apply.

  • Perma Master Wrap Saturant WS-20 is supplied in pre-weighted quantities of base and reactor hence easy to mix an apply.


METHOD OF APPLICATION : Prepare the surface by chipping cleaning to remove all dust dir, grease or any oily stains so that a sound concrete surface is exposed.Mix components of Base and Reactor of Perma Master Wrap Primer WP-10 and brush apply on the surface to be treated evenly and uniformly and allow it to cure and harden overnight. This forms a sealer coat. Cut the strengthening fabric to size and shape. Mix Base and Reactor components of Master Wrap Saturant WS-20 with a paddle mixer and apply one liberal coat on the primed surface. When the coating is still wet lay the reinforcing fabric on the surface and use a roller to press the fabric in position and to remove any air voids under the fabric. If the Master Wrap Saturant Saturant WS-20 is felt deficient in any area make it good with another coat of the saturant. Hold the fabric in position till the saturant achieves initial hardness. The process is repeated for multiple layer treatment.PACKING


Perma Master Wrap Saturant WS-20 ia available in 5 Kg units of Base and Reactor


SHELF LIFE : Perma Master Wrap Saturant WS-20 has a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacture if stored under the manufacturers specified storage conditions.

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