Lacquer Coating For Paver Block

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Perma Paver Coat creates a deep penetrating barrier coating which protects and improves surfaces by - bringing out richness in the colour of tiles, stones, slate etc. It provides a protective barrier on porous surfaces which resists chemical attack and - eliminates dusting.

Advantages :
Perma Paver Coat penetrates the capillary structure and provides a tough and clear protection. Perma- . Paver Coat is UV resistant. Paver Coat on curing forms a glossy film. Paver -Coat is resistant to oil , grease and stains. Paver Coat is free from water. Paver Coat can be applied by even unskilled laborers.

Packing : Perma Paver Coat is available in 10 Ltr, 25 Ltr & 100 Ltr metal containers. Perma Paver Coat can be stored between 10oC and 45oC. Preferably store at below 25oC. Keep away from sources of ignition and food stuffs

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