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Perma Plast PC- 401 C

High range poly carboxylic ether based admixture for hyperplasticixing and good slump retention in concrete.


DESCRIPTION : Perma Plast PC – 401 C is based on hyper plasticising poly carboxylic ether. It may be dispensed at dosages varying between 0.5 to 2 percent by weight of cement depending upon type of concrete required.



  • Perma Plast PC – 401 C is recommended in all high grade concrete which has a cement content of over 400 kg/m3.

  • Perma Plast PC – 401 C is recommended in hot weather concreting where workability retention over long periods is required.

  • Perma Plast PC – 401 C is recommended in marine structures, pile foundations; bridge girders, caissons, high rise structures and such structures where quality of concrete is of prime importance.

  • Perma Plast PC – 401 C is also recommended where very high initial and ultimate strengths are expected.



  • Hyper plasticizing action of this product produces free flowing concrete with most kinds of aggregates and varying fine aggregates.

  • Perma Plast PC – 401 C maintains the workability over long periods.

  • Perma Plast PC – 401 C helps in production of high quality concrete which exhibits superior compressive, tensile and flexural strengths and exhibits excellent resistance to chloride and sulphide attacks on concrete.

  • Perma Plast PC – 401 C is compatible with all types of cements including pozzolanic and fly ash / slag cements.

  • Perma Plast PC – 401 C is specially suggested in all high strength concrete and in construction of marine structures, pile foundations and bridge girders.

  • Perma Plast PC -401 C enables production of dense impermeable and fair finish concrete.


PACKING : Perma Plast PC – 401 C is available in 200 kg Drum.

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