Perma Plug

Perma Plug

Perma Plug is a quick setting cement and mortar supplied in dry powder form. Perma Plug constitutes a blend of cement grades and chemical set control agents. The product needs only onsite addition of required amount of water just before the use of Perma Plug. Our Perma Plug is very useful for plugging.

Primary Uses :

  • Heavy Duty Plugging : Perma Plug is suitable for plugging of pre-stressing/post tensioning holes or depressions in the pipes, sleepers or girders.
  • Repairs of Buildings : Repairs to corners and edges of high strength concrete structures and general repairs in the building industry.
  • Plugging Running Leaks : Perma Plug is used to stop leaks from water tanks and leaky basements because of its quick setting property.
  • Sealing Joints : Perma Plug can be effectively used for filling joints, pointing brick stone masonry and water proofing.

Advantages :

  • Easy to Use : Perma Plug is supplied in powder form. It only needs addition of water before use.
  • Rapid Setting : "Rapid setting property of this product makes it useful in stopping running water.
  • High strength : Perma Plug hardens to a high strength, which is comparable to the strength of the member under repair in hours only.
  • Compatibility : Perma Plug is highly compatible for use with all cementitious materials, stone, brick, steel etc.

Directions for Use :

  • Clean the surface to be treated as per normal surface preparation, methods for concrete removing, loose particles, deleterious materials etc.
  • Damp down the surface.
  • Mix Perma Plug and water in the proportion of 3 volumes of powder to 1volume of water and mix to obtain a stiff consistency paste.
  • Press in position or trowel the paste to the finishing level and cure normally.

Properties :

  • Physical form : grey/off white powder
  • PH : 12
  • Max. particle size : 600micron
  • Initial setting time : 1.5minutes at 20oC
  • Yield : one kg. powder makes about 550 cc of paste

Health And Safety : Perma Plug is generally nontoxic. But it is advised that workers use gloves and avoid contact with skin. Accidental splashes of the powder on skin or eyes should be immediately washed with plenty of clean water. In the event of prolonged irritation seek medical advice.

Packing : Perma Plug is available in1 kg, 10 kgs and 25 kgs packing.

Shelf Life : Perma Plug should be stored in a cool dry condition away from moisture. Unopened packs have a shelf life of 12 months.

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