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Tile Fixing Solutions

Tile Fixing Solutions

Perma Pinnacle Excel is a high strength polymer based adhesive. This Perma Pinnacle Excel is developed for superior adhesion on non-porous surfaces. Perma Pinnacle Excel could be used with water or Latex SBR for fixing ceramic tiles, marble, stone on floor and facades. Moreover, Perma Pinnacle Excel has a long shelf life.

Primary Uses :

  • For fixing porous and non-porous tile
  • For fixing tile slabs on facades
  • For fixing Glass Mosaic and Glass Blocks
  • For fixing panels made of Polystyrene, Polyurethane foams etc.

Guide To Application : All tiles surfaces should be cleaned and free of all dust and deleterious material. Mix Perma Pinnacle Excel 3.5 times volume of powder to 1 volume of water with a slow speed drill machine to a homogeneous consistency. Remix the material after 10 minutes and apply the material to the surface be applied and to the back of the tile for permanent adhesion. Press the tile or slab and tap it lightly for even spread and proper bond.

Advantages :

  • Single component hence easy to use
  • No wetting of tile required
  • Makes the tiles area waterproof if adhesive used as 100 percent bedding material
  • Multifold application

Properties :

  • Colors : Grey & white
  • Form : free flowing powder
  • Mixing ratio : 3.5 times volume of powder to 1 volume of water
  • Coverage : Approximately 1.61 Sq.ft./kg of material for 4 mm thick bedding material
  • Pot life of paste : 120 minutes at 35oC
  • Open Time for tile adjustment : 45 minutes @30oC
  • Bed thickness : 3 mm to 10mm
  • Bulk Density : 1650kg/ m3
  • Shear adhesion after 28 days : ³ 2.5MPa ANSIA-118.1
  • Tensile adhesion on concrete after 28days : ³ 2.5MPa EN1348

Durability Test :

  • Adhesion after Heat Ageing : ³ 2.5MPa ANSIA-118.1
  • Adhesion After Water Immersion : ³ 1MPa EN1348
  • Adhesion After Freeze Thaw Cycles : ³ 2.5MPa ANSIA-118.1
  • Working Temperature : 5o C to 80o C

Coverage : 1 kg of Perma Pinnacle Excel covers an area of 1.61 sq. ft. for 4 mm thickness

Packing : Perma Pinnacle Excel is available in 25 kg and 50 kg sacks

Shelf Life : 12 months from the date of manufacture

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