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Water Resistance Epoxy Coating

Water Resistance Epoxy Coating

Perma Master Coat – WR





Perma Master Coat -WR is a two component epoxy coating system suitable for application in areas subjected to constant water spillages or expected to be submerged in water. The product is heavy duty with high mechanical, bond and abrasive strengths.



The product is suitable for coating areas near washing places, bathrooms, toilets and swimming pools. This coating can be used in water tanks as well. This material is suitable for coating on floors of workshops, factories, engineering workshops and all general factory floors subjected to oil, chemical or water spillages.



Perma Master Coat – WR does not require any primer. It can be straight away used on to the clean surface. Perma Master Coat – WR is moisture tolerant hence can be coated on wet surfaces as well. Perma Master Coat – WR has high gloss and smooth finish, hence suitable as use on aesthetic coating on structural steel as well as concrete. Perma Master Coat – WR can be painted on smooth surfaces such as ceramic or glazed tiles. Hence it is suitable for coating on old swimming pools tiles to bring back new look to the pools. Perma Master Coat – WR is free from solvents and hence environmentally safe.



Clean the surface to be coated and remove any stagnant water on the surface. Mix the Base component – A and the Reactor component – B, thoroughly.Apply the material use a soft bristled brush, evenly and use suitable roller for getting the desired final finish.It can be applied in two coats for a better appearance. The second coat is applied when the first coat has dried overnight of after an interval of eight hours.



Perma Master Coat -WR is available in limited dark colors only, as this coating is affected by UV rays. On direct exposure to sunlight the color may fade but the mechanical and chemical resistance properties of the film remain unchanged.



All equipment must be cleaned immediately after use with cleaning solvents. Similar Procedures should be adopted for break periods exceeding fifteen minutes.



Epoxy products generally cause irritation to the skin. Use of hand gloves by the workers is advised. Upon Completion of day’s work all the packing material should be burnt and buried.



Perma Master Coat -WR is available in 1Kg and bulk pack.

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