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Waterproof Coating For Rcc Roofs

Waterproof Coating For Rcc Roofs

Perma Weather Shield


Perma Weather Shield is an acrylic coating, which provides weather proofing and heat insulation to the exposed roofs. The product is in white paste form. Perma Weather Shield is based on acrylic binder and high quality non-conducting insulating fillers. Weather Shield when applied on roofs it reduces the heat transfer to the interiors thereby reducing the load on air conditioning system.

Perma weather shield is especially developed for coating RCC roofs. It is also ideal for coating asbestos cements roofing sheets, galvanized zinc sheet as well as Aluminium Sheets. Weather shield where brush applied on any roofing system forms a thick reflective and non-conducting barrier for the sunlight in summers Its insulation value is highly beneficial in keeping the interiors cooler. In rainy season this acts as a waterproofing barrier.


  • Clean the area to remove all loose particles oil, grease and any such deleterious materials. If the surface is very rough make it even using polymer modified mortar or repair plaster.
  • If the surface is very dry prime it with Perma Weather Shield diluted with water in the proportion of 1 volume of Weather Shield to 2 volumes of water.
  • Brush apply Perma Weather Shield in one coat. In demanding situations Weather Shield can be applied in 2 coats.
  • It may be noted that Weather Shield is a final coat on the roofing system. Any effort to apply another coating on weather Shield may make the insulation ineffective.
  • Take only the quantity which is required for coating and keep the lid of the container closed.


Perma Weather Shield functions on special insulation ingredient for its heat insulation and refractory properties. The materials, which constitute main insulation media, have a mean diameter of 120 microns. They withstand temperatures between 1600° C to 1800° C before melting and have compressins strengths of about 700 kg/cm2. These ingredients form a natural barrier against direct heat.

Thermal Insulation of Roofs:
Perma Weather Shield has a tendency to reflect back up to 85% of sun’s heat resulting in a cooler Interior. A comparison of two galvanized iron roofs, one coated with Perma Weather Shield shows a difference in temperature of about 10° C during hottest part of the summer. Further as a measure of percentage the difference shall be to the extent of 10 to 12 percent during peak summer.

1 kg of Weather Shield covers an area of 30 to 35 Sq.ft/Coat, depending upon surface conditions.

Perma Weather Shield is available in 500 gms, 1 kg, 10 kg and 50 kg pack.

Perma Weather Shield has a shelf life of 24 months if stored in Manufacturer’s original packing in a cool and dry place away from moisture and heat

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