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We are a famous Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Waterproofing Chemicals in India. Our Waterproofing Chemicals make several types of things resistant to water. Our wide range of Waterproofing Chemicals resolves most of the problems, created by the water. We provide several types of Waterproofing Chemicals that include Perma Deep Penetrating Sealer, 118 A - Perma Aluminium Polynet Butyl, Perma Eazee Coat SP, Perma Hydroswell and Perma Plug. Our Waterproofing Chemicals give long life to the bricks and other types of things. Apart from this, these Waterproofing Chemicals are available in different types of packing.

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Perma Bitu Coat
Perma Bitu Coat is a dark brown liquid, which turns black upon drying. It is used in waterproofing and protection of subsoil structures from chloride and sulphate attack.

Perma Clear Seal
Perma Clear Seal is a colourless coating which is quick-drying. It penetrates into the pores of the material under treatment to bind the particles together in tough resilient, abrasive-resistant enamel.It provides a protective barrier on porous surfaces, which resists chemical attack and eliminates dusting.

Perma Coat & Seal
Perma Coat & seal is a single component polymer modified cementitious waterproof coating with a very wide range of applications. It is a water proofing and corrosion inhibiting coating very useful on a variety of building materials surfaces. It can be easily applied on RCC, PCC, Brick/Block work, Asbestos cement sheets and event on metals.

Perma Damp Guard - EP
Perma Damp Guard - EP is a two component water based epoxy coating product highly useful in arresting leakages in walls, ceiling, RCC structures and rising dampness in internal walls. It is user friendly and easy to use.

Perma Eazee Coat
Perma Eazee Coat is a milky white liquid which can be brush applied to most structural surfaces to make them waterproof. The coating is UV stable and highly flexible.

Perma Flex Coat
Perma Flex Coat is an environment friendly acrylic protective coating for external walls which protects walls from algae, fungus, polluting atmosphere and make them waterproof. The product is available as per the shade card in 18 shades which are totally alkali stable and resistant to UV and IR rays, The product is highly flexible and electrometric with strong anti-carbonation properties and allows the concrete surface to breathe normally.

Perma Grout
Perma Grout is a fine cementitiouls powder which forms a neat slurry when mixed with water.This slurry is used for injection grouting.Injection grouting to arrest leakage has been an age old practice. If concrete is porous or honey combed the cement slurry which is used for injection grouting partly blocks the voids and capillary.

Perma Guard
Perma Guard is a polymer modified cementations water proofing system with a very wide scope of applications in water proofing and corrosion inhibition situations. Perma Guard is a two component material which forms a flexible reinforced membrane upon curing.

Perma Hypercrete
Perma Hypercrete is a polymeric additive of cement for multi purpose use i.e water proofing of basements, toilets, sunken portion, roofs, swimming pool,water tank etc for surface protection repair, rehabilitation, floor topping, durable & aesthetic exterior finish with cement paint repairing of concrete and masonry, joining concrete to concrete etc.

Perma Inject Clean
Perma Inject Clean is a specially developed cleaning agent for cleaning polyurethane injection equipment. It is safe for the pumping apparatus and does not harm the. rubber and neoprene parts of the pump

Perma Inject DYC Resin-Catalyst
Perma Inject DYC Resin-Catalyst is a polyurethane injection grouting system. It consist of two component one being pre polymer resin and the other being a catalyst These two components are mixed together and injected into the concrete or Ree structure using a single component pump whether manual or motorized.

Perma Inject Hydrogel
Perma Inject Hydrogel is a polyurethane injection grouting system. It is a single component. product this product reacts with water to form tough flexible polyure thane foam or an elastomeric gel depending upon the amount of water used in, reaction. This product can be injected into the concrete of RCC structures.

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